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Tulsi Ginger Green Tea Loose Leaf - 75 Gms Tin Can

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    A herbal blend perfect for refreshing and energizing the body and mind.

    Green Tea Superfood Immunity Tea


    Loose leaf



    Best Consumed


    Product Dimension: L-7cm x W-7cm x H-16cm


    An expertly curated herbal healing tea blend , ideal as a daily beverage throughout the day as it has the best that nature can offer.Tulsi and ginger are ancient Indian ingredients with a myriad of health benefits. It is a unique combination where all the ingredients help in refreshing and energizing the body and mind.


    • Best suited for weight care and enhancing your immunity.
    • Abundance of anti-oxidants protects bodily tissues from free radical damage.
    • Stress relief as it lowers the amount of cortisol in our body.
    • Great for digestion and makes for a great post-lunch sip.
    • Proven source of relief for upper respiratory disorders such as asthma and other lung-related disorders.
    • May help treat PCOS/PCOD
    • May help reduce menstrual cramps.


    Grassy with well-defined notes of holy basil and a woody aroma, a herbal fragrance, and the spicy taste of ginger.

    Tasting Notes

    Strong herbal brew with a magical taste and a sweet-spicy flavor. The holy basil leaves contain essential oils that contribute to the fragrance and refreshing pungent flavor.


    Light golden coloured infusion.

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