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Mixed Trails Green Tea - Loose Leaf (Kraft Box)

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    Octavius Mixed trails tea is inspired by the aroma and flavors of ancient times and is an eclectic mix of floral and spicy notes. Sweet with spicy notes, this tea is best consumed hot as well as cold. It relieves cold and is a wonderful stress reliever.

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    Octavius Mixed Trails green tea is a perfect blend of mild and refreshing premium green tea leaves and tulsi, mint, rose petals, black cardamom, star anise, cinnamon, lemon grass, clove, & licorice. This blend when brewed makes a delicious green tea with a perfect mix of sweet spicy floral taste.


    A mix of green tea leaves, herbs and spices with tinge of refreshing rose petals, prepares a light neon coloured brew.


    This healthy blend of tea makes a unique brew which has a magical taste and a sweet spicy flavor.The leaves of holy basil contain essential oils that contribute to the fragrance and refreshing pungent flavor and the green tea gives a mild delicate taste and aroma. Mint makes it refreshing and rose and lemongrass complete the flavor combination by adding the floral and citrusy notes.

    Steeping Instructions

    Take 1tsp (2g) loose tea

    Add 200ml hot water(85 ℃)

    Steep for 1-2 mins

    Strain & Serve hot

    Sweetener can be added