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Tea is enjoyed across all the major parts of the world, and who can serve tea better than Octavius? We present an exclusive range of premium Darjeeling tea called the “Buy-1-get-1” collection for a luxe experience. It will help tea drinkers across the world experience multiple flavors of tea for a minimal cost.

Before starting on the journey of exploring this special Octavius Tea collection, let’s understand the “buy-1-get-1” offer. This type of promotion has gained popularity across various industries due to its numerous benefits. By enticing customers with the prospect of getting something extra at no additional cost, businesses can effectively boost sales, attract new customers, and build brand loyalty.

Let us dive a little deeper to explore the variety of teas that would fall under the buy-1-get-1 collection.

Featured Products

Below are the top products featured by Octavius in this collection:

Kadha Premix-30 Sachets

An original and powerful Ayurvedic concoction made with Tulsi, Dalchini, Kalimiri, Sunthi, and 11 Ayurvedic herbs that support immunity. This strong decoction is made using the traditional method of grinding and boiling these traditional Indian herbs and spices. This blend increases immunity, defending the body against sickness.

Pure Green Tea Whole Leaf

Green tea is one of the most important morning drinks and comes from premium tea plantations. Green tea is the best beverage to be enjoyed every morning, as it is filled with the goodness of antioxidants and makes a great addition to a healthy lifestyle. It can be brought together with jasmine green tea and cinnamon anise green tea.

Instant Coffee Premix 10 Sachets- (Tin Can)

The flavor and aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans are especially excellent in this silky coffee premix, giving you a truly authentic coffee-drinking experience. It helps you start your day with more energy and positivity. This coffee premix also comes with Masala Chai, Elaichi Chai and ginger chai sachets.

Jasmine Green Tea Loose Leaf

For those who enjoy floral undertones in their tea, this blend of green tea and dried jasmine petals is perfect. The scent of jasmine enhances the entire tea experience, making it a clear winner. To provide you with the freshest loose-leaf flavor experience and to retain the flavor, smell, and color of the fresh loose leaves, the loose leaves are vacuum-packed, resulting in a tasty cup of tea. It can be brought together with Pure Green Tea and Cinnamon Anise Green Tea

Indian Masala Chai Black Tea Loose Leaf

Full-bodied black tea and delicate Indian spices are combined to create Indian Masala Black Tea. The intricate combination of sweetness and spice in this smooth mixture is a joy to the palate. The ideal cup of tea to enjoy while relaxing on a wet day. This can be bought together with Tulsi green tea loose leaf and kadha premix sachets.

Benefits of the Buy 1 Get 1 Promotion

The most obvious advantage of a Buy-1-get-1 promotion is that it allows customers to receive two products for the price of one. Giving them more value for their money, which not only boosts customer happiness but also offers a better experience. Customers can stock up on necessities or things they commonly use by getting two for the price of one. They can avoid making similar purchases in the future at ordinary prices as a result, which lowers their overall spending.

Buy-1-get-1 promotions create an opportunity for customers to share their savings with their loved ones. This fosters a sense of community and strengthens relationships, as customers can delight in sharing their savings with friends and family or even donating to charitable causes. You may feel a sense of success or satisfaction because you are getting products at a discounted price or for free. It can boost customers' moods and overall satisfaction with their shopping experience


In conclusion, buy-1-get-1 offers are an excellent way to try out new and flavorful teas such as Tulsi Green Tea or Rose Green Tea at a minimal price. Octavius always strives for new and innovative ways of giving a much-needed soothing experience to its tea drinkers, and the buy-1-get-1 promotion is one of them. It also provides customers with a plethora of advantages, ranging from doubling the product quantity to long-term savings and even psychological satisfaction.

By promoting buy-1-get-1 offers, Octavius is inviting you on a journey through the delightful tea-drinking experience. Seize this golden opportunity to maximize value and savings while indulging in the flavors of premium teas from the plantations of Darjeeling and Assam.

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