Winter Wellness: Teas to Boost Immunity and Health

Winter Wellness: Teas to Boost Immunity and Health

Freezing nights and cold winds are here and we all need that hot cup of tea to keep us warm. Lucky for us, winter teas such as ginger tea and tulsi tea, among others, are immunity-boosting teas. As you know, cold weather comes with a number of threats to one’s health, such as having a sore throat, cold, cough, and body pain. Thankfully, the exquisite herbal blends at Octavius can provide you with the support you need.

We all know that one person who always keeps the kettle ready to boil hot water or their favorite brew. Today, we will suggest some of the best herbal tea blends to keep you warm during the winter. Let us explore some healthy and easy-to-make herbal teas.

Tea Essentials - One Green Tea Of Your Choice, An Infuser & Honey

Wellness is the new lifestyle of the present era and this kit is your go-to tool. With a healthy, low-caffeine green tea infusion and organic honey and infuser, this combination gift pack is the perfect tea hamper for fitness lovers. The range of green teas available at Octavius strikes the perfect balance of herbs and spices for an antioxidant-rich green tea blend. Its refreshing and energizing strength rejuvenated the body and mind. Not only does it boost immunity but it also aids in weight loss.

Gourmet Tea Collection- Immunity tea (3 Tins)

The goodness of immunity booster tea will fill your life with good health and enticing flavors. Octavius’ gourmet tea collection consists of three special winter blends — spiced turmeric, Kashmiri kahwa green tea, and tulsi green tea. The loose tea is individually packaged in pyramid-shaped tea bags to add comfort and convenience to your life. Relish the goodness of these flavorful blends and brew them without any mess.

Wellness Caffeine Free Teas- Festive Range (Tulsi Ginger, Tulsi Licorice, Pure Chamomile)

This festive season, Octavius has brought to you an exclusive tea gift pack containing three types of premium exotic caffeine-free herbal teas, also called tisanes. Tisanes are a delicious and healthy blend of herbs, flowers, spices, or fruits. With abundant benefits, these relaxing teas consist of tulsi ginger tea, tulsi licorice tea, and pure chamomile tea. Enjoy these blends to leverage the healing advantages of Ayurvedic and medicinal values.

Cold Chaser Black Tea Loose Leaf - 100 Gms

Say goodbye to sniffles and running noses this winter with this spicy and citrusy sweet black tea. Perfect for winter, this bold blend is filled with antioxidants and nutrients to keep your immune system high at all times. The flavorful combo of orange and exotic spices is nothing less than a dream come true for all black tea lovers. This winter season, fall in love with the exquisite flavor, fragrance, and color of the aromatic and fresh, loose black tea leaves.

Heritage of India Tea Collection - Couples Delight (Premium Wellness Green Tea Range)

This exquisite Indian tea collection, consisting of pure green tea and cinnamon anise green tea, offers warmth, freshness, and a touch of affection. It comes with premium teaware to enjoy the herbal blends that boast unique qualities. The double-walled glasses allow tea lovers to hold a hot cup of tea in their hands as they spend the cold evening with Bae. Each flavor comes with earthy notes, which makes them a perfect addition to a fitness and wellness regime.

Tulsi Kadha Powder-150 Gms

Every Indian household would agree that kadha and winter go hand-in-hand. Not only does kadha help boost immunity, but it also fights cough, cold, flu, and infection and supports optimum heart health. Kadha is a proven home remedy approved by dadis and nanis and now you can easily shop it at Octavius.


Whether you want to boost your immunity or just keep yourself warm, these winter blends by Octavius are here for you! These immunity-boosting teas will naturally give relief from a common cold, cough, & sore throat. What’s more? They taste delicious and make a great gift for your dear ones; proving that you truly care.

So wait no more, and get ready for winter with Octavius.

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