Tea on stressful day

Tea on stressful day

Some teas we drink while some we experience. Taking a tea break becomes a blissful experience on days we feel down or stressful. Creating time to nourish our body and mind must be number one priority in everyone’s lives. Tea is just the thing you need everyday to bring some perspective to your busy schedule. Its calming, rejuvenating and healthy too!

How teas help you with stress

Having a cup of tea daily is a smart way to add moments of zen in your everyday life. Teas like chamomile, mint, lemongrass calm your nerves and soothe your body. The aroma from these teas helps you to instantly relax which is why they are often served in spas as a welcome drink.

Tea Meditation Ritual

A wonderful way to nourish your mind while your tea is brewing is taking few minutes to be by yourself and meditate. This is the easiest way to regain calm and quiet in less than 3 minutes. As your tea infuses, take this time just for you and try to relax your body and mind. Close or maybe half close your eyes and allow yourself to tune into your body. Plant your feet on the ground, keep your back upright and allow your senses to feel the feet touching the floor and your body seated on the couch. Imagine a calm wave of energy flowing from your feet to your spine and up to your head. Imagine this energy lifting you up to the clouds. The fluffy cloud now carries you and remains afloat while melting all your tensions away. There you go! You have successfully de-stressed your body even as your tea is getting ready. Now all you need to do is pick up the freshly brewed cup and sip away peacefully.

If meditating by yourself seems difficult for you then feel free to download guided meditation apps to help you get started.

Best Teas to beat stress

There are one too many teas that have been used for years as a relaxant. Here is a curated list of calming teas that we are sure you would grow fond of.

Calming Chamomile

Chamomile is used as a sleep inducer as it has antioxidants called apigenin which have a mild tranquilizing effect on the body. Its relaxing properties make it the best tea you can go for on a hectic day. It brews up a sweet and floral cup with an aroma that would reset your mind instantly. Chamomile blends well with rose, lavender, oranges in case you want to step up your infusion game.

Soothing Spearmint

Minty teas have the best aromas to help you unwind in a jiffy. Spearmint teas have bright mint flavoured notes with sweet after taste which makes it not just a relaxing tea but also a delicious one. Mint teas pair well with lemon, cardamom, ginger etc. They also make a wonderful iced tea if you ever feel like having one on a hot summer day.

Rejuvenating Rose

Roses have been used since time immemorial as mellow down florals – in essential oils, scents, infusions and more. Visually they are both striking as well as calming to the senses. Rose teas are sweet and aromatic, a perfect boost to the soul. Rose infusions are also good for hydrating the body and is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.

Lullaby Lavender

Lavender teas are well known for their stress relieving properties. It is a light floral blend that would instantly transport you to the fragrant lavender fields of Provence. Also known as ‘Blue Gold’, these infusions are the go-to drink if you are looking for reset and some rejuvenation.

Meditative Matcha

Matcha which is made from the Camellia Sinensis plant is well known for its stress relieving properties as it has high levels of L-Theanine. L-Theanine along with caffeine helps the body reach the so-called meditative state which relaxes the body and mind. Matcha makes delicious smoothies and lattes which offers you alternatives if you do not like hot beverages.

This curated list of teas will help you destress yourself on any day – be it a client visit or a product launch day! Arm yourself with these delicious and aromatic teas to face any day with zen.

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