White Tea

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White Tea

White tea is the solar version of green tea. The white color is due to sun-drying of the tea buds and leaves that fabricates a silvery cast. This tea undergoes null oxidation and null processing. The brew is colorless with an enamoring sweetness. White tea of Darjeeling even dwarfs the grand elixir.

White tea is opulent source of antioxidants providing a strong resistance towards illness and ageing. The solar treatment for tea processing enriches the variant with potent phytochemicals which are antimicrobial and also protect skin from UV radiation. The same type of anti-oxidants present in Green tea is also available in White Tea which has a number of health-promoting values like enhancement in weight loss, assisting in lowering cholesterol, boosting cardiovascular health, etc. The impressive anti-bacterial and anti-viral qualities of white tea protects by keeping the virus, fungi and bacteria out.

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