Green Tea

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Green Tea

Green tea is the oldest version of tea that dates back 4000 years originating in China. Green leaves of the plant that has gone through least withering and oxidation is packaged as green tea. The brew is almost colorless and possesses very mild flavor. Hassle free steeping of green tea makes it a very well reached health beverage even in modern times.

This tea is often regarded as the Vitality Drink by the Chinese as it minimizes the glycemic and hyperlipidic risks to the body. It also controls blood pressure levels and inflammations resulting in reduced mortality risk. Apart from that, Green Tea also aids in weight loss, improving brain functions and according to many experts even reduces the risk of cancer although it has no evidential proof. Green tea also has a positive role to play in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. By killing bacteria Green tea also improves dental health conditions lowering the risk of infection. Regular consumption of Green Tea during old age can result in the prevention of diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson. 

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