Black Tea

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Black Tea

Black tea is the variety known to all as the Tea. The dark and dried form of tea leaves procured after maximum oxidation is commonly designated as black tea. It contains strong long lasting preserved aroma and generally produces amber or reddish brew. Black tea is often consumed as liquor, milk or iced brew. Darjeeling slopes bestow the grandiose black tea of muscatel flavour whereas the blue hills of South India brings forth the most robust aroma of this variant.

Black tea ensures a fresh burst of vitality to the drinkers mind. Since black tea has very little caffeine content it facilitates in circulation. Fluoride present in black tea makes way for oral and bone health. Black tea also contains flavonoids present in apples. Black tea is a big plus to the immune system as it contains alkylamine antigens. Besides, it also possesses tannins that can combat viruses very effectively. Those suffering from diabetes and cholesterol can also benefit from regular consumption of black tea.

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