Orders and Cancellation

• How do I know that my order has been confirmed?

On successfully making the payment for an order, you shall receive an order confirmation email with all order and shipping details.

• I did not receive my order confirmation email.

There is a possibility the mail has gotten directed towards your Spam Folder. But even post checking that if you have still not received the email, please drop us a mail at info@octavius.in with your complete order and contact details.

• How long will it take to receive my order?

The minimum time taken for dispatching an order is 24 hrs. Usually the delivery takes 3-5 days for it to get delivered to you in India and 7-10 days outside of India. You can also track your order status by contacting us on 9313530035/38.

You can write to us at info@octavius.in if your Tea is not delivered in the given time period.

• Can I modify/change my order after payment?

Yes, the possibility of changing your order is there, if only the order has not been dispatched at our end. You can change your order by writing to us at info@octavius.in

My Account

• Do I need an account to buy tea?

Not necessary, a purchase can be made as a guest user as well. However, creating an account helps to drive faster checkouts, ability to save multiple addresses, track your orders and view past purchases and to receive updates of our products and offers.

• How do I update details on my account?

You can sign in to your account and click on Edit details in the Account Information section.

• I can’t remember my password. What should I do?

In such a case one should visit the My Account section, and click on Forgot Password. Following this you shall be rerouted to the Change password screen that shall have effective guidelines for a better understanding.

• Can someone assist me in my purchases and queries?

Yes, we would be happy to help. Please refer to our Contact Us at 9313530035/38, for assistance regarding purchases and queries. 

Product Related 

• How are the tea-leafs packed?

Tea leafs are packed in small proportions, with a limited count of SKU’s, and are moved forward in multiple smaller SKU’s for bigger orders. This is done to ensure that the Tea leaf remains fresh and does not encounter moisture during the transit time from Production to Consumption. Also the customer can open and use the SKUs one by one thereby refraining to maintain large stock in the open.

• Where do you procure Tea from? Is it fresh?

We are based in Sylee and Nya Sylee, having procurement from Darjeeling and Assam– The best Tea producing areas in the country. We have our own Tea estates and gardens. With a rich heritage under our belt and a presence spanning across 3 decades, we manage to deliver premium quality Teas

• Are you using any artificial flavours in the Fusion Teas?

No. Neither do we use any kind of artificial flavouring in the Tea nor do we advise our customers to do so. We blend our Teas with an actual version of herbs, fruits, flowers etc which give a natural taste and flavour to the Teas.

• What does the different types of Flush mean?

The bud and two leaves at the picking point of the tea bush is referred to as flush. Origination of these tips over the year takes different characters. For example, a flush in spring would render a completely different character than a flush from autumn. Tea is hence associated by the time of the year it was picked in.

• How do I decide which Tea I should buy?

A tea is not just any beverage; it is a varied subject that requires the person to pick their Tea in accordance with their taste and preferences. A Tea can be chosen on the basis the Category (White/Black/Green/ Herbal/Oolong etc) or on the basis of their character.

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