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It's time to upgrade your teaware if you're serious about your tea game. Nowadays, the tea market is flooded with gadgets that help you brew tea quickly and easily. You can find everything from designer cups to infusers in various shapes. Octavius has introduced a line of teaware that will allow customers to brew aromatic tea in minutes and enjoy it conveniently. It's not wrong to say that brewing your favourite Assam tea has now become an art form that requires the proper equipment.

Best Tea Accessories to Buy Online

Octavius teaware is aesthetically pleasing and functional, made of high-quality materials that emit aroma and flavour with each cup of tea. To begin, you'll need premium tea bags or aromatic loose tea to brew the tea that will rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. While there is no need for a ceremony when brewing tea, the right brewing tools will make your job easier.

We have listed below luxury tea accessories that make up the best brewing tools and tea hamper gift sets.

Tea Cup/ Glass

The functional and sleek double-wall cups are the newly designed tea holders to enjoy your favourite beverage. The cup is made of premium double-walled glass and is insulated, allowing you to enjoy your tea at the perfect temperature without feeling the heat on your hands. The double-wall thermo-insulated design keeps the temperature stable. This cup adds a stylish touch to the experience. Refresh your senses with a hot beverage in a cup or glass.

Tea infuser

With a variety of infuser designs, you'll never be bored in the kitchen while brewing tea. Some of the popular tea infuser designs are ball-shaped infusers with squeeze handle, basket-shaped tea infusers with extended chain, ball-shaped tea infusers with extended chains, and silicone tea infusers with leaf-shaped handles. The extra-fine perforated mesh allows for a precise flavour infusion while keeping the tea leaves locked in. It is a must-have for quick cleanup and easy water brewing. For use, simply open the infuser, fill it halfway with loose tea for one cup, close it, place it in the cup, and pour hot water over it. Enjoy your drink!

Glass kettle

A glass kettle or teapot is perfect for tea gifting. Every tea lover loves a beautiful kettle with their favourite brewed tea placed gracefully on the coffee table. Explore decorative tea pots at Octavius and surprise your loved ones with modern tea accessories. Not only do they make their tea time more pleasing and easy, but they also add to the aesthetics of their home decor.

Tea warmer

Place your previously brewed tea on top of the warmer to heat and keep it warm for several hours. Enhance your tea time experience by using an Octavius glass tea pot and tea bags. It’s perfect for tea gifting and tea parties. It’s very useful, easy-to-use and perfect for windy evenings that call for a hot cup of tea on the balcony.

French press coffee & tea maker

A stylish design with a premium finish is ideal for making fresh French coffee, espresso, cold brew, or latte and infusing herbal and floral teas. The convenient and simple equipment can also be used to froth milk for coffee. The French press coffee and tea maker extracts the ideal amount of essential oils and acids from the coffee bean for maximum flavour. The sleek structure makes it perfect for coffee and tea gifting.

Glass bottle

Opt for reusable bottles for safely and compactly storing cold and warm liquids, such as cold-pressed, homemade juices, teas, energy drinks, water, etc. No more using plastic bottles as the convenient new design of glass bottles is here to stay. Glass bottles by Octavius also come with an infuser for effective usage. Infuse your favourite tea and be on-the-go!

Complete your tea gift set with premium teaware by Octavius. Tea gifting has become easier with high-quality tea accessories. The range of decorative tea pots, tea cups, unique infusers, and stylish tea makers make up the top tea hamper gift sets. Shop now for an exclusive range of teaware at the best prices.