Party Favours

An assortment of tea flavors elegantly packed in tins and caddies perfect as party favours that spell luxury

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Party-Perfect Tea Blends To Be Used as Party Favours

Octavius is your one-stop shop for pure, spiced, flowery and herbal teas. Our products are made so that you can get the best-tasting, highest-quality tea possible. We believe that drinking tea with friends, family, or a group of people makes it even more special.

A variety of tea blends, beautifully packaged in tins and caddies, make for luxurious party favours. These giftables packs are small in size to either become a part of your own curated hamper or to be given as a small party giveaway which is also pocket friendly. Our fancy assortments include spiced turmeric tea, tulsi rose chamomile green tea, instant cardamom tea, instant ginger tea, instant coffee premix, Darjeeling white tea, Mint digest, Kashmiri kahwa and many more delightful flavours.

Our tea blends are created by our expert tea tasters and blenders, who make extraordinary efforts in sourcing the finest ingredients and creating the finest teas that are all-natural, scrumptious, and healthy. We choose our herbs, spices, flowers, etc. carefully so that we can make unique and flavorful blends which are sure to impress.

What is included in Octavius Party Favours?

You can get a huge variety of tea and coffee essentials in our party favours wrapped in tin, kraft boxes or wooden handcrafted boxes- of course, for that special touch. Pick your preferred taste among spiced turmeric tea, chai and coffee premixes, assorted green tea, green tea loose leaf, white tea, black tea, herbal enveloped pyramid tea bags and black tea loose leaf.

Party favours by Octavius Tea: A Closer Look

The selection of teas at Party Favours by Octavius is extensive. Everyone can find something they like, from herbal teas to energy teas. We provide a range of herbal blends in addition to green, black, and white teas. When you need an energy boost the most, our exclusive blend of natural components in our energy tea will provide it. We have included green, black, and white teas with herbs, spices, and other flavours to create our range of party favours.

Elite Selections Wrapped in Handcrafted Wooden Tea Gift Boxes

With our exclusive small gift boxes (Darjeeling white tea in a beautiful handcrafted wooden box and garden fresh whole-leaf Oolong tea packed in a handcrafted heritage wooden box) you can indulge in the highest quality teas! Enjoy the rich flavours and aromas of these two teas, which are presented in a lovely wooden box to protect the delicate leaves and add that extra premium look to the giveaway.

Our teas are picked and processed by experts to ensure the highest quality and taste. We procure both White tea and Oolong tea from the most premium tea gardens in Darjeeling. They will undoubtedly transport you to a tranquil setting as you inhale their delicate flowery perfume and savour their distinct flavour.

Assortment Of Fine Teas In Handcrafted Wooden Box

We also offer an exquisite premium tea gifting option - 30 carefully selected garden fresh black and green teas in tea bags, packed in a variety of printed boxes including an ornate floral print wooden box. For fitness and health enthusiasts, this luxurious assortment will make for a thoughtful and cherished gift. To make it even more special, have your package gift-wrapped and include a complimentary card with your order.

A Golden Gift for Golden Times

Octavius also allows you to make your own beautiful party favours by combining two tea tins of your choice in a tissue pouch. This pouch is designed to hold two tea tins of your choice, with a beautiful gold-tone finish to make them stand out in any event.

Whether it's a birthday, wedding, bridal shower, housewarming party, or any other special occasion, this is a great way to thank your guests for coming out to celebrate while also demonstrating your creativity and thoughtfulness for your loved ones.

Our tea blends and premixes are full of flavour and are made with care. They are sure to please your taste buds. Whether you're looking for a unique gift for someone else or yourself, even our kraft boxes will not fail to impress you.

A box of our Rose Glow Enveloped Pyramid Tea Bags is a must-have for every tea enthusiast. The Kraft paper packaging of these pyramid-shaped tea bags is equally attractive as a part flavour as much as it is good at taste and quality. The calming aroma of roses will transport you to a peaceful environment, and the flavours of rose petals will tantalize your taste buds.

Try our Mint Digest Enveloped Pyramid Tea Bags if you want something a little smoother. The minty herbs in these tea bags, which are in the shape of a pyramid and wrapped in Kraft paper, are good for your stomach. You will feel revitalised and invigorated after drinking this tea, making it the ideal way to end a meal.

Also, we provide Kashmiri Kahwa, Spiced Turmeric, and Tulsi Delight, each of which is created with a specific combination of herbs, spices, and flavours. There will definitely be something to suit your taste preferences.

Party Mood Premixes

Our Instant Coffee Premix 10 Sachets - Tin Can is indeed an excellent choice for people seeking a fast pick-me-up. This premix is perfect for those who require a quick coffee fix and is made with a light and flavorful blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. To make a wonderful cup of coffee right away, just add hot water.

You can enjoy a lovely concoction of ginger tea with spicy ginger and powerful black tea with the help of our Ginger Chai Instant Premix 10 Sachets - Tin Can. For chai enthusiasts, this delectable premix is a must-have because it is perfectly balanced. You can quickly enjoy a cup of cosy, delicious ginger chai by simply adding hot water.

Our quick and delightful blend of cardamom tea is possible with our Cardamom Chai Instant Premix 10 Sachets - Tin Can. This chai premix will stimulate your senses with its sweet and spicy flavour. You can quickly prepare a delightful cup of spicy cardamom tea by simply adding boiling water.

Everyone should have access to great-tasting instant coffee and chai premixes. Our premix line is ideal for people who are constantly on the move since it gives you a quick and easy way to get your caffeine fix. So you know where to go if you want to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or chai quickly and easily - Octavius!

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