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Mornings at work begin with a steaming cup of coffee or tea. This makes tea and coffee essential items for anyone rushing to reach work on time or simply opening their eyes to log into the Remote Desktop Connection. Well, it’s not wrong to say that tea gift sets are suitable as corporate gifts for employees. Furthermore, there is a wide range of herbal tea gift sets that are healthy and serve as unique corporate gifts.

Not only for employees, but tea bags also serve as excellent corporate gift ideas. There is no workplace that can survive without tea or coffee. Tea is essential not only for a morning kick but also for rejuvenation during the midday break. We can't dispute that idle workplace banter isn't complete without a cup of tea.

What are the benefits of tea in workplaces?

The rising competition and increased expectations in the professional environment can lead to excessive stress. A cup of tea can revive your good hormones and calm the mind. While we have heard many sayings about the relationship between coffee and morning routines, tea is increasingly taking its place due to its numerous health advantages. Let us look at some of the advantages of drinking tea before or during work:

Stress relief

Tea has been shown by researchers to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Teas, including black, green, and white, can all help alleviate anxiety and stress symptoms. Furthermore, herbal teas have long been used to bring tranquillity to daily life. This is because tea has anti-inflammatory qualities that help calm the gut.

Energises the body

Numerous studies have found that a variety of teas can strengthen your immune system, combat inflammation, and possibly help you avoid chronic illnesses. Whether black, green or chai, the tea includes antioxidants that have therapeutic properties. These antioxidants have also been shown to increase metabolism and hydrate the body. Therefore, helping your coworkers stay healthy and energised.

Stimulates the mind

Tea comprises L-theanine, an amino acid that stimulates the synthesis of alpha waves in the brain. Therefore, nothing will relax your mind, body, and soul like a cup of green tea. Especially, if you're seeking a better choice to increase your overall health. Tea's beneficial components also activate neurotransmitters, which improve memory recall.

The Art of Corporate Gifting

Now that you know why tea, whether in the form of tea bags, loose teas, pyramid teabags, or tea premix, make great corporate gifts for employees, let us understand the art of corporate gifting. Special treatment always serves to increase goodwill, build and maintain relationships, develop important business networks, strengthen contacts and improve the company’s credibility.

Employees must be treated with gifts, rewards or trophies on completion of tasks, on special occasions and as a token of thanks. Whether it is an assortment of fine teas or an exotic spice collection, a small gesture shows your employees or business connections how much you value them.

Corporate gifting is all about building and maintaining trust in business. The various types of corporate gifting are as follows:

  1. Marketing Gifting
  2. Sales Prospecting Gifting
  3. Corporate Gifts for Clients
  4. Customer Customized Gifts
  5. Personalised Gifts for Clients

What are the different strategies behind corporate gifting?

  • Keep your employees motivated with incentives
  • Stronger relationships with associates
  • For employee retention and loyalty
  • As a branded promotional tool
  • Developing new client partnerships

The Holiday season is not the only time to express thanks to your coworkers and clients. Gifts are accepted and appreciated all year. They not only build staff confidence but also aid in the completion of significant project milestones. It also aids in the improvement of client relationships, particularly in the B2B sector.

Fan-tea-stic Corporate Gifts for Tea Lovers

Octavius offers one-of-a-kind business gifts for tea lovers. The goodness of aroma and flavours of quality Indian ground spices in a single Spice Box, Tulsi Sweet Rose Chamomile caffeine-free herbal tea packed in a traditional elephant print wooden box, an assortment of fine teas in printed, handcrafted, and cut work wooden boxes, premium glass teapot in a wooden box, and immunity or wellness packages with an infused herbal tea gift set are among our corporate gifts for employees.

We believe in passing on our rich legacy and demonstrating the art of tea sipping. Our teas blend a love of quality teas with the goal of bringing flavour, fragrance, and taste together. The beautiful tea plantations demonstrate that investing in a variety of teas manufactured in the middle of lush tea gardens is genuinely a cultural experience.

Upgrade yours and your coworkers’ tea drinking experience with our corporate gifting range.