What is green tea

What is green tea

In India the recipe for tea is dominated strongly by the taste pallete and involves milk sugar and spices infused along with tea. The tea leaves are roasted crumbles and black in colour.

The traditionally prevalent style of stirring a cuppa in China involved boiling dark green tea leaves, conveniently cured in the sun, in hot water, meant to be consumed as a brew, with the leaves served into cup along with the drink. This method of tea and the leaves used therein is popularly known nowadays as green tea.

Research and studies have shown that this mystic concoction, which is fast gaining popularity in the West and in India alike, has been declared by scientists to be the healthiest drink and apply no apparent limits to its dosage of consumption. And the reason why it is steadily continuing gain foothold in all segments of the consumer population is because it contains green leaves which are un-oxidised as opposed to the British dominated black oxidised crumbles, which is roasted and fermented. As a result green tea contains more antioxidants which when suitably steeped add their healing properties to the brew thereby maintaining chances of good health. Moreover green tea is steamed and has no caffeine and is a ready option for those looking forward to switch their caffeine habits. People with tendency to consume large proportions of coffee are shown to have more chances of developing cholesterol related diseases often leading to even cancer. Green tea being meant to be consumed as a brew with hot water and no other additives works best and produces noticeable changes physically as well as mentally. It also acts as a wonderful anti carcinogenic and anti allergen when taken regularly in controlled dosages over a prescribed period of time. Anti oxidants act on the free radicals produced in the body when it breaks down substances into molecules. These free radicals have harmful effects including ageing and aiding accumulation of cholesterol in arteries. And the potency of their harmfulness becomes much more pronounced when a person drinks and smokes. Green tea consumption on a regular basis introduces catechins in the body which fight against free radicals and increases metabolic subsequently intensifying fat oxidation and chances of arteries and blood vessels being blocked leading to heart attack. When continued over long periods of time it has been proven to be magically helpful to lose weight as well. It contains compounds like L Theanine which are known to stimulate focussed attention and concentration when working on certain tasks. A proven way to tackle mental ailments like Alzheimers&Parkinsons and always keep cancer at bay, green tea is a natural supplement to start the day and continue a healthy and fit life with negligible or no side effects.

Unsweetened brewed green tea is a zero calorie beverage. It is for this reason Green tea is called the world’s healthiest drink and packs maximum number of antioxidants in a cup, more than any other tea.

It is a proven and time tested ability to tackle physical and metal diseases alike and keep a person in good health is what makes the Chinese knowledge available to all of mankind and human civilization a blessing in disguise.

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