What is Coffee

When I feel depresso, I have a little espresso. That just about sums up the magical qualities of coffee perfectly. With the simplicity of a cup of espresso coffee and yet with healing powers for the wounded soul. And the bout of energy that it brings along is perhaps what always pushes one to take a sip and savour the taste in the mouth dissecting every flavour from every molecular particle, and embark into a journey of imagination and introspection that takes one back to the tree from which the beans were picked itself. Coffee, such a simple and convenient word to sum up a treasure trove of experiences and emotions it indulges the patron over a cup, that it almost sounds understated. Unlike the subtle tinge of flavour of tea, coffee is usually more pronounced and gripping in taste with a distinct ability to alter levels of energy. And although both are products from the bounty of nature, one cannot but wonder at the diversity of natures treats and how relentlessly people have worked at the backdrop to ensure a hot cuppa coffee is available to me, general masses, sitting in the comfort and convenience of their bedroom in their house. This reminds me of an interesting incident revolving around coffee. I was in a conversation with a friend over a cuppa and he too, a fellow coffee lover like me was explaining his relationship with coffee as an integral part of his diurnals. He confessed his relationship with coffee every morning was “Hello darkness, my dear old friend, we meet again”. He liked his coffee strong and without milk. It wasn’t much for the taste he preferred coffee that way, but more for the kick of energy it would give him ensuring his morning schedule could be adhered to. And for me, I was fond of a mildly sweet milky creamy concoction, I would often sit and savour the taste of a single cup at lengthy stretches of time, confiding my love to it every now and then, bewildered at the taste and flavour “We were meant to bean” with every bit of sincerity. Such is the different facets of the love and relationship, coffee lovers share with the bean beverage. And the lengths of imagination one will plunge into, to personalise their relationship with coffee and give it a meaningful existence in their life.

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This coffee falls into your stomach and straightaway there is a general commotion in there…….and ideas begin to move in the mind”  – Honore de Balzac (Legendary French playwright & artist)

Octavius Tea & Industries Ltd., founded in 1898, as a subsidiary of Octavius Steel and Co. Ltd. was a proprietary business headed by Walter Duncan. The establishment was initially formed as a potential investment from the surplus of more profitable steel industries, in erstwhile British India.

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