Octavius Marigold Lemon grass green Tea

Marigold Lemon Grass Green Tea: Exclusively From The House of Octavius

Octavius Marigold & Lemon grass Tea is the gentry of all beverages that are brewed as a natural extract of the Camelia Sinensis plant or its varietals. Even before we can get to the product and the leaves which stir up an exotic aroma with a rare tinge of flavoured brew in every cup, the packaging of the product is something that I can’t gloat over amply enough. Available in a smart vacuum sealable package that is displayed in a collage of enchanting colour combinations in royal turquoise blue and embroidered gold, the packaging is as much of a collector’s item as the tea in itself. One of the prized products from the Octavius’ diverse portfolio, the Marigold & Lemon grass tea stands out like the jewels in the crown of royalty. Initially available on request, the rising popularity of the delicate taste and tender essence of this pale coloured exotic brew, has forced the proprietor’s to roll out the product in different versions and make it easily accessible over all their consumer touch points.

Medicinal Benefits and History

Having spoken at length about the packaging, understandably smitten by the handling and care, even before being enamored by the taste, which is quite a rarity in the Premium Tea market in India, I shall now proceed to entail the actual magic in the form of leaves inside the ethnic packaging. As a neutral tea lover who has delved into great depths to distinguish and savoir the unadulterated taste of the brew retained in the leaves, post production, I believe presentation is the initiation to a purchase and a well presented outfit will definitely stand out and win admirers. However in this fast paced consumer driven world and with the plethora of readily available choices in tea for the consumer, often such brilliant products tend to get lost and a word of recommendation works brilliantly in exploiting the much requisite visibility. Marigold flowers are conspicuous to the common eye by virtue of their unmistakable fragrance and unusually large orange colored bell shaped flowers.

Marigold flowers have excellent a repellent property which is a result of the anti-fungal compounds naturally present in it. Marigold extracts find employment in a wide range of medicinal and herbal products due to this reason. They contain anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic compounds inherently in their natural composition which makes it a key ingredient in many pain relief supplements. Ground marigold extract has long been used along with calendula flowers to provide relief to burnt or swollen areas as they are a natural counter effective method to rapidly heating parts of the body due to infection.

It did not take long for our ancestors and the discoverers of tea, to realise the magical healing and refreshing potency of marigold flowers if they are blended with tea leaves and consumed as an extract. The reason governing this practice as modern science would later reveal is that, Camelia Sinensis leaves have naturally occurring anti-oxidants in plentiful abundance. However since a considerable amount is lost during curing and further more during processing, the large amount of free anti-oxidants present in marigold, which make it such a renowned anti-inflammatory agent, render it a natural supplement in tea, thereby enhancing energy levels to a large extent in consumers of the blended brew. Taking a cue from this, the research team at Octavius proposed a new flavour by combination of blends and hence the arrivals of the Marigold Lemon grass blended tea from the house of Octavius. However arriving to this conclusion was not an overnight journey. Convincing the management at the helm was not as difficult a proposition as getting this exciting new blend to the teacups of connoisseurs and savants. Western markets have a pre-defined concept of taste and flavor that they seek from a particular strain of tea and getting people to change years of inculcated habit was definitely not easy pickings. Back at home, in the Indian markets, keeping in mind whom the product was particularly formulated, designed and ultimately given shape,   milk tea with strong kick of energy infused with a richness of spices is what their palates had been trained to receive with kindness and enjoyment. Indian taste as far as tea is concerned is an explosive combination of various strong flavors and this taste dominating majority of masses is a result of years of consistent indulgence to pampering the taste buds. Hence convincing consumers who largely are governed by their taste buds to switch to subtler variation of their preferred beverage was an uphill task to say the least. Hence it took more than good packaging and crafty communication to achieve this milestone which is definitely a benchmark in the history of tea in India.

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Marigold Lemon grass Tea – Now Available in different packages Commercially

The Marigold Lemon grass Green Tea concoction as exotic and enchantingly gourmet as it sounds was introduced into the market by positioning it as a premium tea with an exclusive appeal, available in select outlets and on request to be sold in bulk quantities. As the premium nature of the product, its presentation and communication caught the attention of connoisseurs, it took no longer for the product to strike a chord with its consumers. What started with increasing demands from certain consumer sectors, gradually grew into developing interest about the product from all quarters of the country and now, it’s easily availability in all sizes on major e-commerce platforms. This product itself was a very reliable and learning experience for the entire team at Octavius and in the tea industry, reinforcing an age old theory that consumers are always willing to change and develop change in their taste, provided the effort put into it is worth the money. Now the Marigold Lemon grass enjoys a clientele that is ranging from the young energetic working professional in Delhi to the retired Englishman spending his time in the countryside. The consumers of today like to know about their tea and be informed and we believe in educating our consumers with proper knowledge of tea, thereby encouraging them to make informed choices and decisions. And this has paid off tremendously, with the success and popularity of this particular blend, a standing witness to bear testimony.

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The Chef’s Secret Recipe

Encouraged by this heady response and tremendous appreciation and approval of this innovative path breaking blend, our research team is already working on creating or reviving newer blends that haven’t been forayed earlier. We have also received requests to provide the Chef’s recipe for stirring a sublime cup of Marigold tea for maximum enjoyment. Going by the volume of requests, we shall comply without wasting more time to heed to this request. Marigold Lemon grass tea is not just a brew, it is a herbal remedy and you may refer to the recipe below to get the most out of your pack. For those of you who are yet to get your hands on our Marigold Lemon grass tea, you can use dried Marigold flowers as well to supplement with your regular cup of tea.

  • Empty the contents from a pack of Octavius Marigold Lemon grass Tea into a air tight mason jar and seal it tightly
  • Boil some water and add one tablespoon of Octavius Marigold Lemon grass Tea (or dried marigold petals) to one cup of boiling water and let it steep.
  • Let the brew steep for not more than 3 minutes at the most. Although 2 minutes is the stipulated time recommended for steeping, you might just throw in a minute more if you are using tea and marigold petals separately. Add honey for taste.
  • Pour out from the kettle into a teacup and enjoy a piping hot cup of lovely warm tea. Enjoy the tea as you heal yourself to best of health.
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Marigold Lemon Grass Green Tea
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Marigold Lemon Grass Green Tea
Octavius Marigold & Lemon grass Tea is the gentry of all beverages that are brewed as a natural extract of the Camelia Sinensis plant or its varietals.
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Octavius Tea & Industries Ltd., founded in 1898, as a subsidiary of Octavius Steel and Co. Ltd. was a proprietary business headed by Walter Duncan. The establishment was initially formed as a potential investment from the surplus of more profitable steel industries, in erstwhile British India.

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