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Lemon Tea – Health Benefits and How to brew



lemon tea benefits

It is quite a well known fact that lemon contains citric acid in generous amounts. As a matter of fact it would not be incorrect to remark that the main constituent of the lime fruit is citric acid, reason being they are categorized in the group of citrus fruits.

Drinking lime water on an empty stomach has been an age old remedy for detoxification on the body.

The citric acid present along with water helps in flushing out all toxins and expelling them from the body. Citric acid acts on the digestive enzymes and the other enzymes secreted from overnight and helps in the secretion of gastric juice and expediting digestion thereby facilitating a speedy detoxification. The liver produces more enzymes on interaction with citric acid and water than any other food item ingested and citric acid in turn helps cleanse the liver by expulsion of toxins and facilitating a speedy detox. And courtesy of its anti bacterial properties it is a very reliable disinfectant for the colon which is substantially involved in the expulsion of toxins from the body.

Further, lemons comprise of a heady mix of anti-oxidants and nutrients especially Vitamin C, citric acid, pectin, calcium and bio flavanoids. Lemon has natural antigens which have the properties of creating anti bodies within the body and strengthening the immune system thus rendering one less prone to diseases and ailments. It reduces inflammation and pain in those suffering from arthritis and related ailments. With a steady build up of hydrochloric acid from digestive enzymes secreted overnight, it becomes very important to maintain the acid-alkali or pH levels in the body, and prepare the body for the next meal by neutralizing the acid content. If this aspect is not paid attention to, it could lead to acidity related issues moving forward. Lime has a lot of electrolytes and its natural detoxification properties help maintain the pH levels in the body at an optimum level.

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It is with a sense of purpose that we have the proverb “Morning shows the day” in the English language.It is very important to have pre decided vision of the first thing that you eat, drink or do, after you wake up in the morning. How you start your day is integrally connected to the food choices you make, believe it or not, this is a scientifically proven fact. Now with the detoxification properties of lime and the importance of the first consumed food after a gap of 8-9 hours during which you were asleep, prepare your body for digestion before you indulge in a heavy meal.

Thus lemon tea, that is tea brewed with goodness of lime becomes an obvious choice keeping in mind all the observations made earlier about the importance of the first consumed food in the morning.

benefits of lemon tea


Brewing a cup of lemon tea will require two whole lemons fresh tea leaves and ginger and honey to add flavour to the taste. Green Tea or dandelion tea is a suitable choice to arrive upon if you’re looking for options of tea to experiment with.Heat water to boiling temperature and add the juice of 2 lemons along with tea leaves and any other additives you wish to add for enhancing taste of the tea. Allow the brew to steep for a couple of minutes before your brew is ready.

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But, nowadays  ready to brew lemon tea is easily available in both green and black tea variants making it easy to prepare with the requirement of just hot water to steep the tea.


Hydrating the body after waking up from sleep is extremely important to facilitate a good digestive system and increase metabolism. Along with the detoxification properties of lime which helps flush out the toxins of the body and disinfect the bacteria accumulated in the body overnight, tea acts as a catalyst and also enhances digestion and hydrates the body. In addition tea has its own healing properties and effects for the mind and the soul.

While tea boosts your energy levels, lime also helps expedite weight loss when consumed with tea in the morning.

Thus it becomes imperative to strictly decide the first thing you eat after you wake up in the morning. A nice warm cup of lemon tea is balm for the body and the soul and its healing properties ensure a smooth take off for the rest of the day by soothing the mind early in the morning. A clean body and a clear mind are conducive to a happy individual and helps one focus and concentrate on work and develop a healthy appetite. A cup of lemon tea in the morning and one starts the day with fresh breath, fresh mind and with the natural diuretic effects of lime, a fresh body as well. For added effects a dash of honey not only makes your cup of tea, your momentary escape to bliss but also clears the throat and contributes with its healing properties as well.

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Octavius Tea & Industries Ltd., founded in 1898, as a subsidiary of Octavius Steel and Co. Ltd. was a proprietary business headed by Walter Duncan. The establishment was initially formed as a potential investment from the surplus of more profitable steel industries, in erstwhile British India.

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