Green tea for weight loss

The right way to drink green tea for weight loss

Health and Wholeness in a Tea Cup

Let’s bust some Tea Myths

Green tea and weight loss has been the much debated topic for many years. While some say that tea manufacturers come up with ridiculous marketing campaigns that green tea can easily make you a size zero, there are people who joke that the only way you can really lose weight is if you climb up the mountain and pick the tea leaves yourself! The truth however, as per Harvard professor and tea enthusiast, Peter GW Keen, is that both scientific and medical studies are inconclusive about the fact that green tea as a standalone beverage can aid in weight loss. However combining tea intake with healthy diet and exercise regimen can definitely give great results.

Here are some research points that will help you be honestly informed about the weight loss effects of green tea:

  • Adding green tea to exercise will help you lose weight more than just exercise alone. In this way you put in the same effort in working out but lose more weight that you usually do

  • An exercise program on weight loss which lasted for 12 weeks, showed that participants lost more stomach fat if they also drank green tea. Not only did they shed stomach fat but also lost more weight overall.

  • The ingredients in green tea have an effect on certain enzymes in your body that influences how you burn calories and fat. The ingredients are called catechins. Catechins plus the small dose of caffeine present in green tea, together are known to increase body’s metabolism.

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Goodness in Green Teas

benefits of green tea

  • Green tea is filled with polyphenols, namely, catechins and flavenols which are natural anti-oxidants. The most important compound in catechins is EGCG ( Epigallocatechin gallate) which has a positive effect on metabolism

  • Catechins inhibit streptococcus growth which causes plaque formation in the mouth leading to tooth decay and cavities. Reducing bad breath is a bonus!

  • Green tea contains caffeine in a limited amount which can act as a stimulant that aids exercise performance
  • Green tea has L-Theanine which in synergy with the caffeine, can improve mood and concentration.

Factoring green tea in to your diet and workout regimen

Green tea is not a medicine. However, changing your lifestyle perspective and adding green tea to your regimen is a wise approach towards your path to weight loss. Tea in its basic form is free of additives and has natural and herbal ingredients. It is the best beverage that can be added to your regimen to increase hydration and relaxation, keeping in mind that the other alternatives are bottled drinks such as colas and energy drinks overloaded with sugar and other additives. Studies also show that green tea leaves have better effect for weight loss than tea bags.

Get it steeping – Best time and way to enjoy green tea

Green teas are best had in the afternoons though it can be relished at any part of the day. They are ideally to be consumed without any sweeteners such as honey or sugar.  The best way to have it when you really want to lose weight is after or during work out sessions with a dash of lemon juice. Vitamin C aids in better absorption of anti-oxidants.

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Tea time rituals are a great idea because taking 10 to 15 minutes out of your day to refresh and energize can make you more focused. What better way to do this ritual than by adding tea to it, you can dive right back to work with a soothing drink in hand.

A curated list of refreshing green teas

Many people avoid green tea because it’s known to have an astringent taste. However, not all teas taste odd. Here’s a curated list of refreshing green teas that you will look forward to.

  • Jasmine flavored green tea: This is a must try for those who stay away from green tea. It is infused with Jasmine petals and is pleasant and flavorsome in taste.

  • Nepal Guranse: Originating from the hills of Nepal and Darjeeling, this green tea is a great fit for black tea drinkers
  • China White Peony: This is a sweet and smooth white tea that will refresh your palette.

  • Japanese Snecha: It has a mild woody or smoky taste to it.

  • Moroccan Mint: It refreshes the taste buds and stimulates your senses.

Go green, go healthy

green tea for weight loss

So you have signed up for the gym and made a healthy diet plan, all you need to do right now is to keep a stash of healthy green tea in your pantry. The only pointers you need to keep in mind while shopping for green tea is to opt for high quality hand rolled leaves. Do try both the spring flush and summer flush varieties of green tea. It’s a soothing yet simple beverage to kick start your weight loss journey. A cup of freshly made green tea can glide smoothly down your throat giving you instant energy.  This is a drink like none other. With every grassy and woody note, you will realize that it is health and wholeness in a tiny little tea cup!

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