Green Coffee Beans for Weight Loss

The Green Coffee Bean Workout – Lose Weight with every Sip

Green Bean Revolution

Identifying a distinct pattern from the recent spike in the consumption and demand for unroasted coffee Arabica beans, it has brought to surface a third variety of coffee beans known as green coffee. While undergoing roasting, coffee beans are said to lose out on many of their inherent qualities, thereby the resulting brew lacking the full potency of the coffee bean. Thus unroasted coffee beans which are green in colour and rich in many naturally occurring antioxidants are growing in demand not only as a delicious beverage and health drink but also as a dietary supplement.

Moreover regular consumption of green coffee is said to be extremely beneficial for the health. Of all its magic healing properties like combatting cholesterol, controlling glucose levels, improving blood circulation in the body and an effective detox agent, the most astonishing is its ability to fight and abet weight loss.

As it contains higher content of caffeine than regular coffee, green coffee consumption produces bursts of energy and acts upon free radicals thereby acting as an amazing dietary supplement. It fights hair loss and baldness too. A naturally occurring beverage with such wonders is no doubt to garner attention for discussion and dissection for its proposed inherent benefits and understated collateral damage, if any.

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Green Coffee Extract – The Slim ‘n’ Trim Miracle

Overweightness and obesity, initially a matter of social contempt and ridicule has transitioned to become a serious health concern, after it has been observed to be prevalent not only in lazy adults but exhibiting a rampant growth frequency in pre-adolescent teens as well. Leveraging this anxiety and worrying concern among the masses and the affected, different weight management strategies are exploiting this precarious condition to promote the sales of a variety of weight loss supplements sold over the counter as “wonder drugs” to effectively combat increasing weight issues. However, the efficacy of some of these food supplements remains uncertain. One such supplement to have recently faced spiked traction in enquiries and sales is the green coffee bean extract, touted as the next miracle to destroy obesity from its very root. The Green Coffee bean extract is derived traditionally by using alcohol as a solvent. While evidence for the effectiveness of the Green Coffee Extract is accumulated from the results of successful experiments on animals, coffee has historically always known to be inversely proportional to weight gain in human beings.

However studies have revealed that long term coffee intake in pronounced quantities may have a vital role in irreversible weight gain.

Green Coffee Extract has also been postulated to modify hormone secretion and glucose tolerance in humans. This effect is accomplished by facilitating the absorption of glucose from the distal, rather than the proximal part of the gastrointestinal tract

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Is it safe to intake for weight loss, in the long run?

The main purpose of this systematic discussion is to assess the efficacy of Green Coffee Extract as a weight loss supplement. Is it another well concocted pharmaceutical botch up that has been well publicized and marketed with a hint of mystery or is it indeed a miracle of modern science that can dispel the entire stigma related to obesity and irreversible weight gain? So how does Green Coffee Extract work to abet weight loss in reality? According to scientists Green Coffee Extract intake results in concentration of glucose and blood lipids in the body which is affected by a reduced intake of absorption of glucose. The main root cause analysis of the effectiveness of Green Coffee Extract is due to the increased immunity to glucose consumption caused within the body. With the small intestine also reducing its intake of absorbed glucose in the food within, it leads to lesser deposits of fatty acids and unbreakable adipose tissues. Diets rich in polyphenols may help to prevent various kinds of diseases associated with oxidative stress, including coronary heart disease and some forms of cancer. Green Coffee Extract has been reported to have antioxidant activity, demonstrated by its ability to scavenge free radicals in vitro, and to increase the antioxidant capacity of plasma in vivo. This activity might provide a basis for explaining its effects on body weight. The purported slimming effect of Green Coffee Extract would have a protective effect against diabetes mellitus, via changes in gastrointestinal hormone secretion.

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Studies and scientifically backed evidences are in favour of establishing Green Coffee Extract as a natural supplement that is effective in combatting weight loss and provides a protective shield to diseases produced from oxidative effects, like heart attack, blocked coronary leading to haemorrhage.

Establishing Facts – Your Very Own Slimming Gym in a Cup

However it needs to be mentioned and highlighted at this juncture that due to the short duration of this product coming to the forefront and its stipulated human trials, there may be negative aspects of this particular Green Coffee Extract intake which escape notice immediately, which is the price a person may be paying in the long run for speedily inching closer towards weight loss as a short term goal. The small batches of trials that have had successful results may not be essentially fool proof and any adverse effects that long term usage may induce remain hidden from both, the common eye and the experts eye. The immediate emergent evidence it seems indicates that the intake of GCE can promote weight loss without risking any safety hazards However, several caveats exist, it has to be conceded with aplomb. The size of the adverse effect is small, and the clinical relevance of this effect is uncertain. Only time will be able to tell if rigorous trials with longer duration are needed in the long run to challenge the efficacy and safety of Green Coffee Extract as a weight loss supplement. Till then, we can safely rely on the various wonders emerging from Nature’s bountiful treasure trove to eliminate worry and cause for concern from our present lives. The GCE is therefore a scientifically and medically recommended safe method for inducing speedy weight loss with minimum effort and maximum results.

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