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Drink Rose Tea to Remove Skin Impurities

One of the most sought after and exotic ornamentation since ancient times with a range of application from cosmetic to food has been the rose flower. A practice that has been continuing in India since ages and which attributes a sense of exclusivity & prevalent royalty to the occasion, adding rose petals for its ornamental value or scented perfume or for the flavour that it blends into any food, has always appreciated the value of any item it has been blended into. Hence it should not come as a surprise if it is said that rose petals possess a very high amount antioxidant and are a mine house of Vitamin C. It is believed to be mentioned in the Indian Ayurveda texts of medicine and natural therapy that the amount of Vitamin C in 40 petals of the rose flower is equivalent to that in 70 oranges. It is well known how oil extracted from rose petals or essence from dehydrated petals has been highly revered since ancient times for its therapeutic value. Although the rose flower is associated with an inclination towards the feminine its healing powers are indiscriminate to gender, being equally effective in dealing with problems arising during the menstrual cycle in women as dealing with pain in abdomen and chest and digestive issues. And its benefits for emotional distresses as an effective relaxant with soothing properties made it a household item as time progressed.

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However among the many understated and less spoken about facts, one the most well-guarded secrets since the beginning of the advent of tea, is the immense benefits one stands to derive, especially women, if tea is blended with rose petals and then consumed after proper curing. Not only is the resulting brew an absolutely delicious drink but also benefits the consumer in deriving the maximum vitamin potency, vitality and vigour present in both tea and rose. Chinese culture can be credited for discovering the medicinal benefits from brewing tea blended with various herbs, flowers and spices. Tea has been around their culture and has become and integral part of their culture before it came to be passed on from their traditional usage to various other parts of the world where tea found a new foothold for cultivation or consumption. Other cultures experimented further picking up from where the Chinese had left and uncovered further healing properties as well but none that could surmount the effectiveness of rose petals when consumed as a brew blended with tea. It is thus that in Indian royalty rose water would be used to wash the body and face to unlock its antioxidants and regulate and control skin and symptoms of ageing.


Until very recently there was no conclusive evidence of the relieving and relaxing effects of rose tea for women especially during the menstrual periods. However a recent survey conducted by the Health Ministry of Taiwan shows concrete evidence on the positive effect it had on the women who consumed. The research was being conducted to study what conditions helped best in combating with the pain and physiological stress of the periods for women or girls to perform in their respective field. And from all the women participating in the survey replied saying rose tea was most effective in relaxing them and relieving their pain and continue with their work. Instead of relying on allopathic drugs, deriving the utmost out of nature and its vast bounties especially when the drink is so delicious, is also a safe way to approach problems. A regular drinker of rose tea will not only be richer in taste from drinking a delicious brew but also be healthier and benefit from a stronger immune system. This is arising from the continued intake of unadulterated punch of Vitamin C in a natural form which can be easily absorbed by the body. Hence it is further more strongly recommended for growing adolescent girls and ageing women to adapt to the changes in their body and retain the body core strength.

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A person who consumes rose tea routinely over a continued period of time in a disciplined manner has been shown to shine with the healing properties of rose bestowed upon them. Not only do they look refreshed and healthy with glowing skin and fresh blood circulating through their system but they also feel the change from within as their systems are energised with fresh lease of life. So instead of relying on modern medicine or cosmetic to replenish to your skin, a cup of rose tea every morning is the most delicious way to stay fit and healthy and look good as well. Staying healthy couldn’t have been a more delicious affair for the entire family.

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